My goodness, I'm going to have a busy fall. Teaching French for around 20-25 hours a week, teaching ballet on Tuesday nights, and maybe more as well (I'm still really not sure about that), doing a program so I can be a better yoga teacher, taking French classes through the Alliance Fran├žaise, maybe doing Czech dancing on Monday nights. And researching grad schools and writing a statement of purpose and polishing my writing sample and getting letters of recommendation. And I still have a week and a half as Assistant Stage Manager for Ananya Dance Theater, with tech this week and performances next weekend. It's looking really good, and really intense, and I'm feeling really inspired to be really creative. Really.

It is freakishly cold right now. How can you go from wearing shorts and tank tops one day to, only three days later, a sweatshirt and jeans? Only in Minnesota, methinks. At least I'm being a good hipster (I guess I might be one?) and am wearing skinny jeans and cowboy boots.