So the repair man is here, which is fabulous-- it will be nice to have a light in the closet again. But, honestly, how hard is it to replace a light fixture? This is the third time he's blown the fuse for my apartment. The third!


Wahoo! I got the job! More later, off to celebrate...


Left for yoga by bike, only to realize that not only was my front tire almost completely flat, but that my bike felt the need to make this odd clicking noise every time I pedaled. Walked back home, parked the bike, and went to try driving to yoga. Drove there, got a parking spot, only to realize that I had left my wallet in my apartment (I thought I wouldn't need it, since I was biking), and had no way to pay the dollar for the parking lot. Clearly it was not my day to go to yoga.

Also, still no news about this job, even though it's been more than 24 hours. At what point does no news become bad news?
Still no news. I did find out that I get to be an ASM for Ananya Dance Theater during their fall production, so that's good.

Watching the Mexico vs. France game online, getting started on a new knitting project.
I really want to find out if I got the job I interviewed for yesterday. She said she'd call me within 24 hours, but that hasn't happened yet. Here's hoping...


Oh my goodness, so much yoga info going through my head. So fascinating, but so tired. Really need to get more sleep. Going to go work on that now.
Brownie time!!! Yum!


If only writing all of the other essays were as easy as writing about Pride and Prejudice.
The pilot light on my stove went out, but I relit it all by myself. I had to use a paper bag handle to be able to reach far enough back to get to it, but it is back on and my mac and cheese is in the oven! Yum!


Super fascinating article about what the Tea Party wants and the role of the individual and the government in American society:

I swear I'm going to work now. Really.
The excellent latte art on my latte cannot make up for the fact that it has grounds in the bottom. Disappointing, but not enough to ruin it.
Oh my goodness, I am screwed. This will be a very interesting 24ish hours. But what's the fun in finishing off my college career without a shit ton of work to do and not enough time to do it in? After all, work that's easy isn't work at all!

Went back to Common Roots to see if I could run into the cute girl I talked to the other day but she doesn't seem to be here. You know how you always figure out exactly what to say after the fact? Yeah. At least I get a good latte and a nice work environment out of the deal.


Continuing my tour of local coffee shops with a trip to Common Roots. It's my first time here, and I quite approve. 20 pages and one poem away from being done with the reading for lesson 7, then I get to write three essays.

Sat down next to a friendly girl who was reading for a class on African American literature and who recognized my Norton; we had a nice conversation about writing styles and summer classes.

I've been using a lot of semicolons lately.

Went to 8 am yoga today, which was earlier than I've ever gone before. It was good for waking up, but now the post-exercise blues have set in and I'm super sleepy.


Life did indeed look up. Writing is still slow, but at least it's happening. Almost done with assignment 6!

I somehow need to finish 4 more assignments by the end of the day Sunday, which adds up to more than two essays a day. I also have to go do workstudy at Zenon tonight, to a wedding on Saturday afternoon and to yoga training on Sunday from 2-5, along with two yoga classes. There needs to be more time in the day.
It took me three tries to leave the house this morning. Try number 1 I forgot my headphones, which are essential when one is going to a coffee shop to do work. Went back, grabbed them, and then actually made it all the way to the bank on try number 2. Cashed my check, only to rip a massive hole in the crotch of my pants as I got back into the car. A massive, massive hole. So then I went back home, changed into shorts and heels (to make myself feel better) and headed out to the coffee shop. Got here, ran into Kayla as planned, and sat down to drink my delicious latte only to open my purse and realize that my water bottle had leaked. Not enough to actually wreck anything, just enough to be annoying and make things damp.

Here's hoping that the rest of the day starts looking up.


Hm. Just applied to be a beginning language teacher to young-uns. Did not just write either of the essays that I need to write today. Working on that, quickly. I need to find a way to get work done that does not involve sitting in coffee shops for 8 hours at a time. You'd think I would have done that already, since I'm (practically) a college graduate, but no.

I haven't said this in a while, but man do my hip flexors hurt. Time to go back to dancing more often!

Also, yoga teacher training starts tonight, and I'm super super super super super excited! Like, really excited. Really.
Oh man. I just did such an excellent parking job (to the left!) outside of my building. Perfectly centered, close to the curb, got in in one try. Did I mention that it was to the left?


I definitely just set a record for longest time spent doing homework in a coffee shop. I think I got to Dunns at around 11:30 or 11:45, and left at 7:45. That's EIGHT hours!

But assignment five is done! Yay!
Five more plus a final in seven days...
Ugh. I hate how teachers always underestimate how many words fit in a page. My essay is supposed to be 1250 words, or about 5 pages long. Too bad I'm just done with 4 pages and have 1450 words, which means that you can really fit about 350 words per page.
Writing assignment number 5 at Dunn Bros. Hopefully I'll even get a bit of a start on assignment 6, but we'll see. At least it's rainy so there's less of a temptation for me to run around outside.
Dancing was very good but very hot, as was yoga beforehand. I danced some with my dad and some with my new partner, and only messed up an average of 3 times per dance. Not too bad, for never actually having learned most of them.

My productivity level was not stellar today. That will have to change tomorrow. A lot.

Goodnight, world. Sleep well!


I had an amazing salad for lunch today. It had romaine, cherry tomatoes, white cheddar cheese, carrots, croutons, avocado, and blue cheese dressing.

I've done all of the reading for assignment 5, now I just have to write a five page essay on my experience reading Herbert, Jonson, Philips, Herrick, and Vaughan, their ability with different poetic forms, and which one I like most. I also get to write a 500 word essay from the viewpoint of the addressee behind Donne's "The Flea" and "Holy Sonnet 14," answering the poet. Joy. I really wish I had taken this class as an actual class and not as distance learning.

Also, I'm going to my friend's wedding on Saturday. I haven't been to a wedding in ages, and am not sure how I feel about people my age getting married. I imagine it is going to happen a lot over the next few years, though.

Also, I joined the Czech Folk Dance group that my parents have been in for years and that I was in the teen version of. First practice is tonight, we'll see how it goes. My partner just graduated from high school, I just graduated from college, so this could be interesting. My parents keep offering to dance with me for a while so I'll have the chance to dance with an experienced partner for at least a little while. They also have been giving me advice on how to do pivots properly (a skill that they are still working on, I think), and the different kinds of holds necessary for the different partnered moves. I think they might be more worried for me than I am. It's been a long time since I've done that kind of partnering and I've never had one consistent partner before, so tonight could be an adventure. A good adventure, though.


The car has been found, tucked away in the impound lot because of my not so good parking job on Wednesday night. And it only(!) costs $150 to free.
Well, fuck. My car (as in the car I'm using that's actually my parent's) is missing. Either it was towed in the past two hours and isn't in the impound lot yet or someone stole it. Here's hoping for the first one...
Cleaning so my sister can move in to my apartment. It's amazing how much stuff can accumulate in just two years-- it makes the amount of stuff my parents have accumulated over thirty years in the same house so much more understandable. It's also amazing how a relatively clean-seeming apartment can need so much work done. I need to vacuum, dust, clean the bathroom, and reorganize my closet and desk and start to redo the layout of the entire apartment. All in the next five or so hours.

Also, I have a lot of clothes. Like, really. A lot.

Too much to do, so no yoga today. Woe is me.


Owie. Yoga today kicked my ass. More so than usual, I mean.