I don't say this often, but right now I wish I didn't live alone. I'm bored, and avoiding work, and that would be sooooo much easier to do if I had a roommate.


Tonight I made myself scrambled eggs with ham, broccoli, and melted feta cheese and some highly successful homemade french fries. I'm rather proud of myself.
My dance classes over the past two days have been quite fabulous. Yesterday in modern technique class, everyone was super energized and dancing really well. The class was like a huge hug you get from someone after winning something really important-just ecstatic and happy and with everyone all on the same really fabulous page.
Today in my composition class we got to work on our collaborative project. Everyone was being super creative and supportive and we bounced ideas off of each other in that really wonderful way where you're all on the same page and excited about what you're talking about. We got a lot of work done and have a good sense of direction for what needs to happen between now and March 9th. If you're in town you should come see it, it should be good! And there will be cupcakes (or maybe cookies, I haven't decided yet)!

Today I knit half of a sock.

You know you've been watching the Olympics too much when you can recognize the ads by their music, without even looking at the TV.


I've been watching too much of the Olympics lately. That also means that I've been knitting a lot (a surprise, I know), since I find sitting in front of the TV without doing anything else quite boring. Tonight I knit half of a sock. The other night I knit a good chunk of a lace scarf. Life is exciting.
I might finally have a direction for my senior thesis. Only 5-ish months late, but at least I have one. I'm going to write about a dance show I saw in NYC over winter break, and link it to theories of feminism, interpretation, performance, and whatnot. I even went to the library today and checked out books on the choreographer and the founder of the company. Progress!
Unfortunately I didn't start a grant writing project for the stupidest class ever (survival strategies) that's due at 8:25 tomorrow. Watching sports I would never usually watch is so much more important than passing a class I need to graduate.


Why do I end up keep having random guys in bars/ at bus stops strike up conversations with me? Is there something about me that makes them feel like they should make awkward conversation with me, but not the person next to me?


I really should have roommates, so that when I bake things I don't 'have' to eat them all myself.

Also, I finished the thrummed mittens and wore them for the first time today. They are tres excellent. I think I might end up remaking the last 1/2 inch of the fingertips, since I'm not satisfied with how they turned out, but otherwise they're great.

I'm pretty sure I'm going to compete in the Knitting Olympics, I'm just not sure exactly what I'm going to make for it. I think I want to make a sweater of some sort, but finishing a sweater in the 17 days of the Olympics (which also coincide with when I have to do the majority of my senior thesis work) might not be the best idea. We shall see.


A Mitten! That is thrummed!

These will be the warmest mittens I'll ever wear. Once I, you know, finish making them and fix the top of this one. Hopefully that will happen before it stops snowing, since these are the perfect mittens for the sort of nastiness that's going on outside. I'm super super super pumped.


Thrummed mittens were started today. Then they were mostly ripped back, since I made too many mistakes, had holes where I increased stitches for the palm, and used too much of my roving too quickly and don't want to have to buy more. Taking apart something made with unspun wool is quite challenging, and means that I am now covered in little fibers. Also, is there a good reason why I shouldn't buy this amazing self-striping sock yarn? I mean, I don't actually like tigers all that much, but... someone will, right?

On a completely different note, my apartment is cleaner than it has been all year. My parents came over for dinner yesterday, which led to me deciding to finish vacuuming so I could put away the vacuum. But to do that I had to finish folding the laundry and pick up all of the piles of things on the floor, so that got done too. Eating dinner meant that I needed to clean off my table and finish doing the dishes, so that happened. And then since I was in the kitchen and thought my parents might disapprove of how many beer bottles I had in my recycling zone, I took out the recycling (and the trash, for good measure). Bending over to pick up the recycling made me contemplate how truly nasty the kitchen floor was, so I cleaned the floor. Then I went to the bathroom and noticed a really disgusting dust bunny infestation in the corner where the door closes that's partially concealed by the radiator. That got cleaned too.
I didn't dust anything, though. I didn't want to set too high of a standard for my future self!


Sitting with your books and computer on your lap does not actually increase work output. I clearly need to work on my telepathic writing skills. That or stop reading about knitting and knitting and doing the dishes(!) and making dinner and...


I know I'm not a morning person. Anything that starts earlier than around 10 am is too early for me and means that I will be cranky, tired, and unable to focus for most of the day. I've already been forced by the dance department (which clearly wants to punish graduating seniors by requiring them to take a class at 8:25 am to days a week) into waking up several hours before dawn every Tuesday and Thursday. Why, then, did I agree to tutor someone in Spanish at 9AM every Wednesday? And why, for christ's sake, did I say yes to her proposal to also meet every Monday at 9AM? Why?

I shouldn't be allowed to make that sort of life-changing decision before noon. I should also buy myself a French press. I'm going to need it.


Today I...

-Woke up to my alarm, decided it was too early, turned it off, and went back to bed.
-Woke up 8 minutes after my first French exam for the semester had started.
-Debated whether I should go or not. I read the syllabus about make-up exams and realized I wouldn't get one because there's no doctor's note for sleeping through your alarm.
-Sprinted to get ready.
-Missed the bus by about a minute.
-Got picked up by the friendly bus driver about a block away from the bus stop (apparently something about my face said I was desperate).
-Made it to class 20 minutes after the test started.
-Sat down to take the test, only to realize that I probably had missed the listening section (teacher's usually do that right at the beginning of the test). 15 points down the drain.
-Watched my teacher get up to start the listening section. Euphoria!
-Somehow managed to finish the test before some other people in the class.
-Went to the technology center to pick up my copy of Microsoft Office.
-Made it through the rest of my classes without mishap.
-Went to the yarn store. Bought yarn for the baby sweater (grey machine washable alpaca!), new size 6 needles that aren't absurdly long, and roving to make thrummed mitten amazingness.
-Ate French Onion Soup with bread and melted cheese for dinner, along with Summit Winter Ale.
-Chatted with my sister online while installing Microsoft Office.
-Got a phone call from my Mom about how I had overdrafted one of my bank accounts while I was in Vermont (I knew that part already) and that they would close it if I didn't pay by the 6th (I didn't know that part).
-Opened another beer.
-Cast on for the baby sweater. (Which means that I've successfully met my goal of not knitting anything for a week! (reading blogs about knitting doesn't count)).