Thrummed mittens were started today. Then they were mostly ripped back, since I made too many mistakes, had holes where I increased stitches for the palm, and used too much of my roving too quickly and don't want to have to buy more. Taking apart something made with unspun wool is quite challenging, and means that I am now covered in little fibers. Also, is there a good reason why I shouldn't buy this amazing self-striping sock yarn? I mean, I don't actually like tigers all that much, but... someone will, right?

On a completely different note, my apartment is cleaner than it has been all year. My parents came over for dinner yesterday, which led to me deciding to finish vacuuming so I could put away the vacuum. But to do that I had to finish folding the laundry and pick up all of the piles of things on the floor, so that got done too. Eating dinner meant that I needed to clean off my table and finish doing the dishes, so that happened. And then since I was in the kitchen and thought my parents might disapprove of how many beer bottles I had in my recycling zone, I took out the recycling (and the trash, for good measure). Bending over to pick up the recycling made me contemplate how truly nasty the kitchen floor was, so I cleaned the floor. Then I went to the bathroom and noticed a really disgusting dust bunny infestation in the corner where the door closes that's partially concealed by the radiator. That got cleaned too.
I didn't dust anything, though. I didn't want to set too high of a standard for my future self!

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  1. I used self-striping yarn for a hat over break and it turned out so great! So you should definitely get the self-striping yarn.