Today I...

-Woke up to my alarm, decided it was too early, turned it off, and went back to bed.
-Woke up 8 minutes after my first French exam for the semester had started.
-Debated whether I should go or not. I read the syllabus about make-up exams and realized I wouldn't get one because there's no doctor's note for sleeping through your alarm.
-Sprinted to get ready.
-Missed the bus by about a minute.
-Got picked up by the friendly bus driver about a block away from the bus stop (apparently something about my face said I was desperate).
-Made it to class 20 minutes after the test started.
-Sat down to take the test, only to realize that I probably had missed the listening section (teacher's usually do that right at the beginning of the test). 15 points down the drain.
-Watched my teacher get up to start the listening section. Euphoria!
-Somehow managed to finish the test before some other people in the class.
-Went to the technology center to pick up my copy of Microsoft Office.
-Made it through the rest of my classes without mishap.
-Went to the yarn store. Bought yarn for the baby sweater (grey machine washable alpaca!), new size 6 needles that aren't absurdly long, and roving to make thrummed mitten amazingness.
-Ate French Onion Soup with bread and melted cheese for dinner, along with Summit Winter Ale.
-Chatted with my sister online while installing Microsoft Office.
-Got a phone call from my Mom about how I had overdrafted one of my bank accounts while I was in Vermont (I knew that part already) and that they would close it if I didn't pay by the 6th (I didn't know that part).
-Opened another beer.
-Cast on for the baby sweater. (Which means that I've successfully met my goal of not knitting anything for a week! (reading blogs about knitting doesn't count)).


  1. If it helps any, money problems and excessive knitting continue to plague my life and Summit Winter Ale is really good.

  2. It does help. If you were here we could knit together and commiserate, compounding the problem!