I've been watching too much of the Olympics lately. That also means that I've been knitting a lot (a surprise, I know), since I find sitting in front of the TV without doing anything else quite boring. Tonight I knit half of a sock. The other night I knit a good chunk of a lace scarf. Life is exciting.
I might finally have a direction for my senior thesis. Only 5-ish months late, but at least I have one. I'm going to write about a dance show I saw in NYC over winter break, and link it to theories of feminism, interpretation, performance, and whatnot. I even went to the library today and checked out books on the choreographer and the founder of the company. Progress!
Unfortunately I didn't start a grant writing project for the stupidest class ever (survival strategies) that's due at 8:25 tomorrow. Watching sports I would never usually watch is so much more important than passing a class I need to graduate.

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  1. Isn't it strange how when you're supposed to be getting things done your brain makes everything else seem far more appealing?