Tomorrow's my last day of class as an undergrad. It will be weird, and won't even be a normal class day, since two classes are canceled and the other might be either a really good modern class, or kinda mediocre modern class like they've been all week. We'll have a barbecue, maybe in the snow. Usually that ends up being a nice outside party where everyone lets off steam and says goodbye to the seniors, but I'm not sure what will happen if it's inside. Then there's an awards ceremony where the department recognizes all of the seniors and celebrates the year. Then, since it's my Mom's birthday, she and my Dad and I are going out to dinner and then to the Guthrie. It should all be a lot of fun, but really wipes out tomorrow in terms of getting work done.

This all feels so surreal. It's just the end of another semester, in one way, but it's also the end of the last semester, which means that now I've got to do real person things. I might never see some of these people again, and I'm realizing now, as it's all ending, just how much I like them and how big of a part of my life they are. But I can't even freak out about that, yet, because I've got to worry about my thesis and so many other things before I can even begin to think about finding a real person job or keeping in touch. I'm operating with a one thing at a time mindset, hopefully that will get me through.

You'll probably hear a lot from me over the next few days, as I procrastinate and get frustrated with my thesis and then (eventually) finish it. I have to have it done by Monday, so my readers can get a chance to read it and comment before signing off on it on Friday.

Life just feels so important right now, like this is a make or break moment, or something. Doors closing and opening and all that jazz.

Pages done: kinda 11
Pages to go: at least 29
Time left: 3 days and 17 hours

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