My head both feels like mush and like it's about to explode. I went to Andy's 5:30 C1 class expecting a good warmup and review for the practice teaching I'm about to do in half an hour. Only one other person showed up, and he's also good at yoga and a former dancer. Andy decided to do a really intense posture clinic for an hour instead of teaching a normal class.

We would go into a posture, and then Andy would give really specific corrections about what we were doing. Things like: raise your right hip, ground the inner arch of your left foot, engage your core, relax your lower back, extend your back kneed and reach through your heel, soften your shoulders down your back, lengthen between your ribs and your pelvis on your right side, bring your left hip back, and expand your chest. And breathe. All for one posture. And then we would do it again for the next one. It was amazing, but there was so much information that I can't even begin to process it all. My mind=blown, and my body= exhausted. Both in the best way possible.

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