Molly was found, safely ensconced in the animal humane society. She looks so sad in her picture, and I think she had a pretty rough day. We ended up having a family meeting, and decided that her quality of life is practically non-existent, and that we'll have to look into having her put down, possibly tomorrow morning. Kate and I ended up having a nice conversation about her, and all of the things that she loves, and our memories of getting her, and playing with her, and walking with her, and how she loves to be the queen of the laundry basket. It is surprising to think that the dog that has been such a fixture of life on Berkeley Ave for most of my memories isn't going to be around anymore. At the same time, when you compare Molly as she is now to how she was when she was younger, it's obvious that her time has come. She has seizures, some days she can hardly walk, she has no control over her bladder, and is deaf and mostly blind from cataracts. It's the humane thing to do, I just can't wrap my head around it.

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